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05.2015 |

journal record – “Midtown Man: Fitzsimmons Leaves Mark on Area’s Revitalization

09.2014 |

journal record “These Walls: Midtown Vets


Built in 1959, the 3,236 square foot, mid-century-style Mager Mortgage building was purchased by Midtown Renaissance Group in 2011 and placed on the National Historic Register in 2013. After a minimal restoration of the exterior, returning it to its original colors and adding some additional screening, the building was leased to Midtown Vets, who provided a much-needed service in the area.

The original design of the space included a fairly open plan and allowed for a light-filled interior space. Over the decades, large rooms were divided and interior glass partitions were closed. The interior renovations included restoring the original open and light atmosphere while creating an efficient use of space with private exam rooms, an open flexible treatment area, and a spacious lounge and retail area. Original light fixtures, light switches and a stone floor were left in place and restored. The building retained both original entrances into the reception area. A “floating” reception desk was added to accent the mid-century flair of the building.

The vet clinic has four exam rooms, a treatment area, a digital radiography imaging room, cat room, lab areas, surgery room, boarding facilities and an isolation room to offer high-quality services to clients and their humans.