seminoff restoration

project team photo

This home was originally built as a retreat from hectic downtown life by prominent Oklahoma City architect George Seminoff. Inspired by Mies van der Rohe, Mr. Seminoff built a 20’ by 40’ structure with one glass wall and three brick walls, looking over a stunning, blue-tiled swimming pool. The home was the recipient of an AIA design award in 1970.

Mr. Seminoff later embarked on a two-story addition for his growing family. Exterior materials were selected to complement the original palette of brick masonry, utilizing cedar siding on the lower level and cedar shake shingles on the upper level.

When renovations started, redwood siding was chosen for the lower level as a nod to the original cedar, and Cor-ten steel panels were chosen for the upper levels. The Cor-ten “shingles” were installed over metal furring strips, creating a rain-screen wall surface.

Interior finishes were selected to complement the original color palette of the interior and exterior and to provide a warm, inviting space in which to live and entertain. Finishes include painted drywall, new bamboo flooring, new teak in-fill to match original flooring, ceramic tile and painted millwork with stone countertops. The interior concept was intended to highlight and honor the basic principles of modern design implemented by the original architect and to provide a fresh and exciting space to live, work and entertain.