country club house

project team

fitzsimmons architects
john fluitt garden designs associates


The focus of this remodel project was to reestablish the original modern character of the home and create design continuity between rooms and functions in a cohesive whole. Removing previous alterations exposed the original interior which incorporated simple masses and forms utilizing richly stained walnut, complimentary muted paint colors, and an abundance of Carrara marble and limestone. The use and matching of existing original finishes as well as the utilization of new complimentary ones gives the home a consistent palette and a feel that blends the old and the new and blurs the lines between them.

The entry and foyer were opened up utilizing large expanses of glass, and an entry pediment and floating canopy that are interpretations of the low slope roof line and concrete block lattice work still present on the wings of the original home. Floor recessed lighting accents the canopy giving the approach to the house a warm, inviting glow. A large center pivot glass door and side windows along with extending the limestone flooring to the exterior allow a dramatic and seamless transition of interior and exterior spaces.

In the underutilized family room, a flexible space was created incorporating a sleeping room and long-term stay suite for family members. The space also serves as a functional office with a hideaway desk. A large dramatic window was added as a visual connection to the existing outside courtyard housing a fountain, large Yaupon Holly and sculptures. The master suite was remodeled to incorporate the new finish and color palette, and the master bath was completely reconfigured for his/her function with new casework, fixtures and lighting. Glass doors to the closets, shower and toilets add to the light feel of the space and a new large picture window opens up the bath area to the private sitting garden.