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okasian house

project team
fitzsimmons architects

2009 | AIA Oklahoma Excellence in Design – Residential Merit Award

2017 Jul | territoryokc - “Modernist Wonderland
2016 Oct | - “SOSA Fits Into Midtown's Updated Identity
2010 May | AIA Oklahoma "2009 Honor Awards"
2009 Dec | okcBIZ “Architecture Projects in OKC Raked in Top Awards at State Chapter of AIA Awards of Excellence Program”
2008 Sep | Central Oklahoma Homes Magazine “Top 10 Building Trends
2007 Jan | Oklahoma City Downtown Monthly “Architecture As Art: The Okasian House


This modern project in the Midtown neighborhood of Oklahoma City has served as home, architecture office, and design workshop. The 7th Street site, once home to three buildings demolished in the 1980s, satisfied the owners' enthusiasm for downtown living and the architect's belief in urban infill. The form is influenced by numerals important to the owners and expressive of their unique taste. It is enveloped in metal with large expanses of brick and glass providing approximately 2,400 square feet of living space filled with art and furniture by the Owner/Architect and other local artists.

One objective was to maximize the view of Oklahoma City's growing downtown skyline. Placing the building at the south end of the lot accomplishes this and accommodates discreet alley garage and shop access on the south lower level. This placement also allows space for a future building to the north.

Guest entry to the property utilizes a set of existing stairs and takes the visitor through a bamboo lined courtyard north of the house.