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urban beach house

project team
fitzsimmons architects
michael morgan
obelisk engineering

2019 Mar | - “Architects Set Annual Tour
2018 Jun | - “The Cobbs' Perfect Vibe: Bringing Malibu to SoSA


The Urban Beach House is in SOSA, a re-developing single-family area uniquely located in downtown Oklahoma City. Terraced streets offer expansive views of the downtown business district.  The owner's family of four desired the home to take advantage of this view from the main living areas and also wanted to focus on the private pool.  With the view being in the front, maintaining privacy of the pool was contradictory. The solution therefore was to elevate the living areas and the pool to the second floor, so that privacy from the street is maintained with both the house and pool remaining open and connected to downtown.

The homeowner's career in graphic design influenced the clean forms, the stucco and hardwood material palette and the graphic quality of the aluminum grate shade screen and catwalk overlooking the entry.