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urban cabin

project team
fitzsimmons architects
michael morgan

2018 | AIA Central Oklahoma Excellence in Design - Residential Merit

2017 Jul | territoryokc - “Modernist Wonderland


The Urban Cabin is for a couple with passions for local art, and cooking.  The design of the home bridges the homeowners desire to be part of the urban lifestyle within a single-family enclave of downtown Oklahoma City and the goal of living in a warm and cozy cabin in the mountains of Colorado.  Using warm and rustic materials in a refined pallet of rusted corten steel, buff brick, cedar, and natural finished woods the home becomes a mountain retreat with expansive skyline views.

Within the private entry courtyard and downstairs office haven, one can become immersed in art and nature while the upstairs is reined for cooking and entertainment from a well-appointed kitchen and outdoor deck for grilling and soaking in the view.  The mountain views are replaced with and elevated view of downtown high-rises.   

The homeowner of this Midtown OKC home stepped into dual roles of design collaborator and General Contractor to create the perfect home for him and his wife.