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oklahoma case study house

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fitzsimmons architects
studio f construction

2011 | AIA Oklahoma Excellence in Design – Architecture Honor Award

2017 Oct | artdesk - “Brute Force
2017 Jul | territoryokc - “Modernist Wonderland
2016 Oct | - “SOSA Fits Into Midtown's Updated Identity
2014 Oct | Rudderless, Feature film directed by William H. Macy in and around Oklahoma City


This residence is the result of combining a design that responds well to Oklahoma's climate, and the client's appreciation for the California Case Study Houses of the 40s and 50s. It is modest in size at 1,740 square feet of conditioned living space and takes full advantage of its elevated site.

Through the use of open floor planning and large glazed areas, the house provides dramatic views of the downtown skyline. Open terraces and elevated patios are outdoor extensions of the open floor plan and blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

Oklahoma Case Study House is a simple yet dramatic addition to the Cottage District in Oklahoma City.