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18th street studios

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fitzsimmons architects
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2012 | AIA Central Oklahoma Excellence in Design – Citation Award
2012 | AIA Central States Region Excellence in Design – Architecture Honor



In urban areas infill redevelopment and housing brings its own unique set of challenges and inversely its own unique set of opportunities.

The 18th Street Studios were born from both…

While under renovation two existing multi-family buildings were damaged due to fire which destroyed one building and damaged the other beyond salvage. Determined to move forward with the project the client sought to create a new project that would be consistent with the original use for the site of multi-family apartment units. To compensate for a restrictive clause in the zoning ordinance that would only allow a redevelopment with duplex units, a SPUD overlay was approved by the city that allowed for a denser redevelopment project that was consistent with the surroundings.

18th Street is the axis to Oklahoma City’s premier arts and sciences high school. The Studios are inspired by the notion that a well-designed apartment can be art. Exterior materials were inspired from the neighboring structures and enhanced with complimentary finishes forming a modern reinterpretation of the traditional urban apartment house. Elements of the surrounding brick buildings with flat roofs and large patios are configured into new forms, expressive of today, while respectful the past. The mix of masonry and minimal metal cladding expresses the modern structure within the context of its traditional masonry neighbors.

18th Street Studios is a 3-story loft-style apartment concept that embraces the true nature of the open loft concept. The only built-in walls, cabinetry and fixtures are in the kitchen and bath cores which will allow tenants to configure their spaces to fit their own needs or desires using prefabricated storage and wall modules. Although all the units have the same kitchen and bath core, the living and patio spaces vary among units creating subtly individual apartments. 18th Street Studios provide a lesson that modularity, efficiency and economy can be something inspiring and thought-provoking. Polished concrete floors and floor to ceiling windows add to the openness of each unit.

Another amenity of the 18th Street Studios are large outdoor patios provided for each unit creating an indoor/outdoor living opportunity. The exterior patios are exaggerated and a generous and unique offering to the Oklahoma City market. The interior palette is minimal, including the use of stained subfloor decking. Recessed lighting and natural light creates interesting patterns in the interior common areas.