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Built in 1947, the terminal and cafe were the heart of the Downtown Airpark. During the heyday of the early 1980s oil boom, airpark business was booming, and for years, Lundy’s cafe was the gathering spot for pilots, local government officials, and diners who loved a good burger. The structure was one of only two buildings still standing on the Downtown Airpark site when Wheeler Development took over the project. It was important to honor the past and create a place for people to come together.

Terminal Commons now welcomes residents and guests into the Wheeler District Neighborhood. The central hub of the neighborhood connects to the Ferris Wheel via the pedestrian-only Spoke Street. With a work-friendly dining room, large patio, and a kid-friendly playground, Terminal Commons is a perfect place to gather with friends and family. The blue vinyl booths where customers gathered for Lundy’s homemade peach cobbler are long gone, and the booths installed for Terminal Commons are high tech, wired for phone and laptop charging.

The restaurant includes counter seating and has the feel of a diner, yet also has bar service for adults and soft-serve ice cream for families. The west entrance which once opened to the airpark runways instead leads to playground equipment brought in from Germany and a patio where parents can enjoy a meal while their children play nearby.