hatch chisholm creek

project team photo

Built within a non-descript mixed-use suburban development, Hatch Early Mood Food’s directive was to create a vibrant, unique space that would engage customers and, along with fabulous breakfast and brunch food, would bring those customers back again and again.

Usable space was maximized by introducing a mezzanine with dining and storage areas. The full-service bar sits directly below the dramatic, angular mezzanine. This interior canopy creates a comfortable, protected atmosphere when seated in the bar, juxtaposed with the large, open volume of the main dining area.

Unique application of simple materials – drywall and linear LED lighting – creates a design motif for the space, meant as an abstraction of a fractured egg. This bold motif is used in a prominent sculptural ceiling, adding to the excitement of viewing the action in the open kitchen, and above which all mechanical systems for the space are concealed.

The color palette, ranging from robin’s egg blue to egg yolk yellow adds to the fun. The cracked motif is continued in the polished concrete floor and extends to the exterior patio in the form of perforated metal panels, providing a striking entry and drawing attention to the location in a nod to the lively and expressive signage of 20th century diners.