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07.2019 | – “Gun Izakaya Opens Friday in the Paseo

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02.2019 | – “A Close Look at Japanese Pub Concept Coming to the Paseo


The character of Gun Izakaya was conceived as a glimpse of the experience one would have wandering the dense, pub-studded alleys of urban Japan. Located at a central intersection within Oklahoma City’s historic Paseo Arts District, an elevated entry deck dressed in dark curtains and battens speaks to medieval Japan and announces entry to the restaurant. Lighting within the space was kept intentionally sparse to create an intimate mood for dining while reserving bright wash lighting for a prominent mural visible to patrons throughout the restaurant.

Dressed in dim light, two central structures within the space, one solid and one open, function as organizing bodies derived from In-Yo, the Japanese symbol of balance synonymous with Yin and Yang. Analogous positive and negative spaces converse as the bar, caged in dark stained wood battens, plays in tandem with the open grill defined by its exposed red vent hood, offering patrons a full view of dishes undergoing preparation.