123 garage / architectural dna

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12.2015 |

405 magazine – “Lost OKC: Artifacts of the Prarie Palaces


The design elements of 123 Garage are interpretations of surrounding historical building and their truthful use of materials. The louvered panels of the garage facade recall both the historic automobile windshields of Automobile Alley’s heyday and the historic casement windows present in the adjacent 1101 Broadway building, which the garage serves. The exposed concrete structure with infill panels expresses the traditional, historic framework executed in the neighboring buildings with the top of the curtainwall aligning with 1101’s parapet on the east and stepping down to align with the office building on the west. The curtainwall and panels are intricate in scale to create a texture rather than a domineering geometry, breaking down the large scale of the garage.

A sense of place is crated in the alley between the Garage and 1101 Building. It is converted into a pedestrian plaza with landscape and art. The original spiral fire escape stair from the neighboring historic Marion Hotel hangs suspended in the public courtyard, providing and interesting and unusual focal point.