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2020 |

ULI Oklahoma Impact Award – Best Boutique Development Finalist

2021 |

AIA Oklahoma – Commercial Architecture Merit Award


Make Ready was originally the site of the Mercedes Benz “make ready” bays, where they would prepare cars for sale.  In this spirit, Midtown Renaissance sought to create a small-scale campus providing an opportunity for small businesses to incubate – to make themselves ready.  The project consisted of first renovating the original Make Ready garage (the west building).  Once the demand was realized for spaces of this size, the decision was quickly made to move to expand the campus.  These 8 additional suites mirrored Phase 1, creating a welcoming environment and interesting mix of businesses.

Reactivating a previously underutilized portion of the block, Make Ready provides commercial space to the small-tenant market segment that currently has limited options in Midtown. It can house startup companies, a two-to six-person office, or a workshop and retail space for a group of artisan makers.  Companies and their employees want to be in Midtown; Make Ready ensures that companies of all sizes can be here.