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2012 |

AIA Central States Region Excellence in Design – Interior Honor


Located in an under-utilized attic storage space, this program was to create a personal office for a young executive which could also serve as a small retreat to relax with family. The client wished to create a space reflective of his personal taste for clean lines, vivid colors, sports, auto racing, and display of a growing collection of art. An important aspect was that the space needed to be a place where his family could spend time comfortably with him on late work nights, and be a resting place from the many cultural, entertainment and sporting events the family frequently attends within walking distance of the office in the downtown area of Oklahoma City. The challenges included working within a confined and exaggerated hallway-like space with low ceilings, one small window and large HVAC duct chases which serve the offices below.

Much of the existing fabric was left in place and utilized for the creation of new design elements. Because the space is long, narrow, and low, the design focused on the creation of a sense of motion and exaggeration of existing proportions. Long lines, subtle curves, and floating and distorted planes and perspectives, balanced with subtle repetition, are the result. The curved ceiling-to-wall planes blur the sense of volume by continuously changing as one moves through the space. This sense of motion and shifting volume is reinforced by the functional elements morphing from one to another. The couch and bed become the kitchenette cabinet, the art wall travels through all spaces from stair to desk, and the rotating table can be within the office “conference” space or rotated into the lounge space.