caption partners

project team

Caption Partners is an interior buildout of new offices on the 22nd floor of a tower in downtown Oklahoma City.

Inspired by the classical colonnade – a symbol commonly used by every corner of the finance industry – the Caption Partners space was laid out with a grid of closely packed white “columns” separating individual spaces. Omitted or embellished as necessary, these columns also serve as host to the functional necessities of the space; encompassing cabinetry and artwork, elevating a custom conference table, shrinking down into mobile board-gaming stations, or making way for circulation.

Great effort was made to expose the existing pan-formed concrete structure at the ceiling plane while still maintaining a consistent visual appearance from street level – a requirement among all tenants within the tower. Working with building ownership, we agreed on ways to bend – but not break – the rules to allow the expression of the raw concrete above and provide the most expansive volume that could be achieved within the space.

The simple and minimal material palate is warmed by walnut veneer panels enveloping the lobby and connecting through from the open office back to the kitchen cabinetry. Brand colors accent walls and alcoves and the Oklahoma sky provides an ever-changing dramatic backdrop.