project team awards

2020 |

Urban Land Institute Oklahoma Impact Award – Best Small Scale Development

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Named after the cafeteria that used to stand in its place, The Boulevard is approximately 34,000 sf of new retail, restaurant, and office space. Designed to maximize flexibility in the long-term, the building was laid out so that doors can be placed anywhere along the first-floor storefront. The structural layout creates a system of modules that can grow or shrink to be a standalone small space, or a space made of 2, 3, 4, or even 5 modules – depending on the needs of the tenant. At maximum capacity, the building can accommodate up to 19 tenants.

The design of the building also is a reaction to its context. The arcade breezeway creates a pedestrian-friendly, protected environment above and beyond the typical sidewalk to provide a protected, urban experience. The palette and materiality of the building was planned in conjunction with the adjacent Villa Teresa development to ensure these projects remained complimentary. The tiered levels are a response to the existing grade of the site. Parking in the back of the building provides 103 new parking spaces, allowing the façade to address the urban environment while contributing density at a human scale.